Scraping Together a Collection: Figural Boot Scrapers

A cast iron boot scraper, unattributed, in the form of a cat with [long tail and] traces of black paint.Historically, boot scrapers are unassuming little things.  They were usually mounted out of the way, covered in mud and muck, and not objects to which one probably gave much thought.  But, the boot scraper’s day has come!  Lifted, quite literally, out of the mire, they are interesting enough to stand as artful silhouettes, like Shadow the cat, pictured here, but common enough that they’re quite affordable. You’ll find cocker spaniels and dachshunds, horses and doves, and animals much more suited to the damp and the mud, like frogs and ducks.  There are also “action” scenes like men sawing logs, with the serrated teeth of the saw serving as a perfect means of scraping shoes clean, and objects like a lyre with a form that also lends itself to the purpose.  And, as always, there are more fanciful options like boot scrapers with sphinxes or griffins!  These objects make a great collection, and because they are small, heavy and often appear rough or uncared for, deals aren’t hard to find!