The Hull Nine Yards: Collecting Hull Pottery

Hull pottery Little Red Riding Hood cookie jarHull Pottery might be best known for the cheerful and utilitarian Little Red Riding Hood design pictured here, which comes in so many forms, from teapots to shaker sets.  Prices for Red Riding Hood can be steep, but collectors have so much more to choose from, thanks to the prolific nature of the company kilns!

In reality, Red Riding Hood didn’t come along until Hull had already achieved success from meeting the commercial supply and demand of florists for vases.  Early products, inspired simply by a wide variety of blossoms, are still popular today, and with pattern choices like Calla Lily, Dogwood, Magnolia, Orchid and Poppy in soft retro pastels, collectors can create their own gardens or simply devote themselves to one favorite design.  Still, it’s worth noting that after a flood destroyed all the kilns of the Ohio-based pottery, the Hull Pottery took advantage of a fresh start to give a more modern look to their product lines, introducing theme-inspired designs like Ebb Tide, Serenade, Fantasy and Woodland.  With Hull’s trend for dramatic forms and affordable prices, whether you own one piece or a hundred, you’re certain to have a colorful addition to your collection!