Gunning Down Questions: Firearms Identification and Pricing

A cased Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with accessories

A cased Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with accessories

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know a thing about guns.  Fortunately for me, and for those of you like me, the Prices4Antiques database has thousands of them!  You’ll find all the big names – like Remington and Winchester – along with Colts (that’s an 1849 cased Colt revolver pictured above), Brownings, Mausers and more in both handguns and long guns.  (You’ll even find some interesting historical examples, including revolvers owned by Sitting Bull and Jesse James and the handgun used in the assassination attempt on Theodore Roosevelt.)

But it doesn’t end there!  As always, remember that you’ll find more than antiques.  We’ve got modern firearms too!  Plenty of 20th century material to help with identifying and pricing, and while you’re at it, you’ll also find a lot of swords, accessories, and militaria, everything from samurai swords to 18th century powder horns to World War II flight jackets.  There are even real cannons!  So, when you have a chance, search the firearms and militaria categories – you’ll be “blown away” by what you find!

-Hollie Davis, Senior Editor,

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