Prices for Antiques

Search Help for Basic accounts

The search allows you to fill in as many, or as few, of the fields as you would like. The more fields you complete, the fewer and the more specific your results will be. The default limit for results is 300 items, but you can choose to view up to 3000 results by using the results drop-down menu.

The Category, Type and Origin fields also operate with drop-down menus. You can scroll down these lists or use your keyboard keys. For instance, in the category menu, pressing "p" four times will get you to the "pottery & porcelain" category.

Consider using the Origin field carefully. This information is not always available for each record, and if you select an origin, your results will not include those records without an origin listed. Also, consider using the Year fields carefully. This information is not always available either, and if you select a range of years, your results will not include records without dates.

The Keyword search allows users to enter multiple words and get results that contain all of the words entered. Title, description, provenance, and auction house fields will be searched. Specific p4A item numbers are searchable as well.

If you want to view a range of items in a specific category or would simply like to browse, you can also use our Table of Contents option next to the search box. This page displays all the principal categories and sub-types in the database. Each listing is a link to the appropriate corresponding records, which enables you to go directly to the desired category/type records without using the search.

We're happy to offer personal help with our search, so please don't hesitate to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 937.426.7573.