Prices for Antiques

Professional Version 2.0

The p4A Professional Version 2.0 is an important upgrade to for our professional users. These features have been developed to provide you with more valuable information to aid your antiques research.

Following are the key features of the p4A Professional Version 2.0:

  • Cookie-based Login

    Professional users can automatically login to the p4A database. Once you enter your username and password the first time, on subsequent visits you will be directed automatically to the search page, without having to re-enter your username and password, saving time and effort.

    Please note: The cookie-based login feature is dependent on your web browser allowing stored cookies. You may need to adjust settings in some firewall or personal privacy software packages. You will need to login once with each browser you use. Professional version 2 will work with Macintosh-based systems as well as traditional Microsoft-based systems.

  • Faster, Full-text Search Engine

    Professional users will automatically make use of the new, much faster full-text search engine.

  • Expanded Keyword Search

    The Keyword search field has been expanded to include more powerful search terms. Use the "click here for HELP on searching our database." link on the search page to learn more about this new feature.

  • Auction Date Range

    You can search for results by auction date.

  • Search Results Presentation Options

    Professional users have the option of presenting search results in the traditional thumbnail (image) format, or in a text listing format. Additionally, the text listing can be sorted by lead description, sale date, or price by clicking on the column headers.

  • Search Subset

    You can select a subset of your search results by clicking the check box below each result item (or to the left of the results in the "Comparables" view), to further refine your search results. The "Full Results" and "Saved Subset" links at the top of your search page can be used to view each set of results and the "Comparables" and "Statistical Summary" links can go to the appropriate alternate results pages quickly and easily.

  • Statistical Summary

    For each search you may now look at a detailed analysis report telling you how many lots meeting your criteria were sold (and in the database) each year from 2000 to the present time, how many sold within, above or below estimate and the high, low, mean and median prices. The information for pre-sale estimate results and mean/median prices realized is also available graphically for the entire period.

  • Save Full Size Images

    Professional users now have the ability to download and save the full-size high-quality image(s) of items in our database. Use the "Download full size image" link underneath each of the thumbnails on an item detail page.

  • Automatic Renewal

    All Professional Version subscriptions are automatically renewed upon expiration.