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A Civil War Apothecary Box attributed to N.B. Drewry of the 30th Georgia with bottles and tools; image credit on full record.

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Medical; Medicine Chest, Civil War, Confederate, 30th Georgia Vols.

A Civil War Period Apothecary Box attributed to "N.B. DREWRY, 30th GEORGIA". Contains compartments for various medicine bottles with ground glass stoppers, medicine bottles with corks. Some bottles have indiscernible paper labels. Several are readable from apothecaries in Cincinnati, OH and Savannah, GA. Some of the medicine bottles are marked as follows: "Quinine," "Ipecac," "Syrup Squills," "Camoel," "Leptandrin," among others.

Also contained with this lot is a sixth-plate tintype of a young man with hands folded in his lap, presumably Dr. Drewry. Inside lid is written in black ink "N.B. DREWRY, GRIFFIN, GEO., 30TH GEO." Also in the box is a cased spring-loaded fleam, a glass cupping device, a pestle, ivory spoon, corkscrews, and corks for bottles.

The 30th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers lists N.B. Drewry as regimental surgeon in 1863. This unit served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Later, the regiment moved to Mississippi, forming the brigade of Colonel C.C. Wilson. In November of 1863, the 30th Georgia was assigned to the brigade of General Stevens. Under Stevens, the 30th fought at Atlanta, and through the Carolina campaigns, ultimately surrendering with General Johnston in Goldsboro, North Carolina....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9982264
Category:  science & technology    Origin:  Georgia
Type:  medical & dental    Year:  1863

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