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A Kolster Brandes Model K-20 tuned radio frequency radio receiver in wood case with paw feet, 1928; image by Tom Heinecke.;
The Kolster Brandes Products maker's label on rear panel of the Model K-20 radio receiver; image by Tom Heinecke.;

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Radio; Kolster Brandes, Model K-20, AC Table Radio, 1928.

A Kolster table radio. note: A Kolster Model K-20 (K20) Radio Receiver tuned radio frequency (TRF) alternating current (AC) table radio in carved wood case with paw feet and Brandes Products Corporation of Newark, New Jersey, label, introduced in 1928. ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9743775
Category:  movies, stage, radio & tv    Origin:  New Jersey
Type:  radios    Year:  1928 - 1930

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