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A cast bronze Great Seal of the Confederacy medallion; image courtesy Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions.;

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Medallion; Great Seal of the Confederacy, Cast Bronze, Box, 4 inch.

A cast bronze Great Seal of the Confederacy medallion housed in a fitted felt lined red leather case with hinged lid. Depicts a uniformed and mounted George Washington in center with laurel wreath surround and border inscription The Confederate States of America February 1862 Deo Vindice. Medallion is mounted under glass.

The Great Seal of the Confederate States of America was engraved in 1864, by the late Joseph S. Wyon, of London, England, predecessor of Messrs J. S. and A. B. Wyon, chief engravers of Her British Majesty's seals. It was of silver, and in diameter measured nearly four inches. At the evacuation it was overlooked by the Confederate authorities, and subsequently fell into the possession of the late genial and accomplished Colonel John T. Pickett, of Washington, D.C., who, after having a number of electrotype copies in copper, silver and gold plating made from it, presented the original to Colonel William E. Earle, of Washington, D.C. This last gentleman, on December 27th, 1888, formally presented it to the State of South Carolina. This piece may be one of the "copper" copies made by Colonel Pickett....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item B168959
Category:  money, stamps & medals    Origin:  Washington, D.C.
Type:  medals, united states    Year:  1865 - 1900

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