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An anonymous cdv of the lynching of Steve Long, Ace Moyer and Con Moyer; image credit on full record.
The back of an anonymous cdv of the lynching of Steve Long, Ace Moyer and Con Moyer; image credit on full record.

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Carte de Visite Photograph; Lynching of Steve Long, Ace Moyer & Con Moyer.

A rare early post-Civil War cdv of the 1868 lynching of "Big Steve" Long and Ace and Con Moyer of Laramie, Wyoming. An anonymous copy albumen image on gold ruled mount, with penciled in period hand along bottom of image, "Big Ned Asa Moore Con Moore." The identification on this rare carte refers to the October 28, 1868 triple lynching of "Big" Steve Long and saloon keepers Ace and Con Moyer in Laramie, Wyoming.

Long and his half-brothers Ace and Con were some of Laramie's earliest residents. Long was apparently elected Deputy Marshal of the town in 1867, and gained a reputation as being a tough - and violent - lawman, reportedly using a gun with greater frequency than making an actual arrest. Together Ace and Con he was a partner in a saloon local residents called "The Bucket of Blood" because of the violence that occurred within its walls. In October, 1868, Laramie residents became alarmed at Long's penchant for violence and his strong-arm tactics used against a group of local ranchers. Led by rancher N. K. Brosswell, they formed a vigilance committee, and on the 18th of that month a mob overwhelmed Long and the Moyer brothers, took them to an unfinished cabin and hung them from the rafters. An identical image is located in the Western History Division of the Denver Public Library. (Source for this description from Wikipedia)....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9878739
Category:  photographica    Origin:  Wyoming
Type:  carte de visites    Year:  1868

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