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A circa 1849 Colt Baby Dragoon Revolver with ivory grips; image courtesy of Greg Martin Auctions.;
Detail of cylinder roll scene and Colts Patent mark on Colt Baby Dragoon Revolver; image courtesy of Greg Martin Auctions.;
Detail of top of breech marking - ADDRESS SAML COLT/NEW-YORK CITY - on Colt Baby Dragoon Revolver; image courtesy of Greg Martin Auctions.;

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Revolver; Colt, Model 1848, Baby Dragoon, Case, Accessories.

Rare and exquisite cased Colt Baby Dragoon Revolver with ivory grips, the Paterson-Style Bevel Lid Case with contour lining and covered in tooled leather. Circa 1849 Serial no. 9968, .31 percussion caliber, 4-inch barrel with the top of breech marked - ADDRESS SAML COLT/NEW-YORK CITY - , an early marking reading from breech in direction of muzzle; left side of frame stamped COLTS/PATENT; cylinder roll scene of U.S. Mounted Rifleman and Comanche Indians, with COLTS PATENT and serial number in cartouche stamping; blued finish with case-hardened frame and hammer, with silverplated brass gripstraps; one-piece ivory grips.

Leather covered wood case, contour-lined in brown velvet, with accessories of tooled leather-covered brass cylindrical plunger powder flask, with compartment in bottom for percussion caps, L-shaped screwdriver/nipple wrench; brass bullet mold marked COLTS/PATENT, and key. Beveled lid of Paterson style to case, with blind tooling; embossed and gilt stamping decorates key hole; case bottom covered in blue paper; note cover to compartment in upper right corner of case.

Among early features of Baby Dragoon no. 9968 are the round cylinder stop slots, the single safety pin on breech of cylinder, the barrel address reading from breech toward muzzle, the thin shoulders to the triggerguard strap, the short trigger, the U.S. Mounted Rifleman and Comanche Indians roll scene, and the Paterson beveled lid styling of the leather-covered, velvet-lined case. Case should be compared with the tooled leather-covered case for the Whipple First Model Dragoon Colt, pictured on page 19 of Fine Colt's The Dr. Joseph A. Murphy Collection....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item B179456
Category:  firearms & edged weapons    Origin:  Connecticut
Type:  handguns    Year:  1848 - 1950

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