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A photo postcard of the hanging of Thomas "Black Jack" Ketchum in 1901; image credit on full record.

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Postcard; Hanging of Black Jack Ketchum, 1901.

A rare photo postcard of the hanging of "Black Jack" Ketchum. A real photo post card entitled in negative "The Hanging of 'Black Jack' The Outlaw," showing the wooden scaffolding with Black Jack in the center as they are placing the noose around his neck. Interestingly he is not blindfolded.

Thomas E. "Black Jack" Ketchum (1863 to 1901) was born in Texas but left for New Mexico in 1890, likely to escape the law. By 1894 his older brother, Sam, had joined him, and they commenced their criminal careers, killing a merchant near Carrizozo, robbing various establishments, and holding up stages and trains. In 1897 they robbed two trains in Arizona, spending intervals in Old New Mexico. They robbed a train near Folsom, New Mexico, Sept. 3, 1897. On Aug. 16, 1899, Tom tried to hold up a train at virtually the same site by himself, was seriously wounded by the conductor, Frank Harrington, and was picked up beside the tracks the next day. His arm was amputated while he was awaiting trial. He was sentenced to hang October 5, 1900, at Clayton, New Mexico. While in jail he gained weight and the drop from the scaffolding was too great, severing his head from his body....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9955944
Category:  ephemera    Origin:  New Mexico
Type:  postcards    Year:  1901

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