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A Pre-Columbian Maya jadeite portrait maskette; image credit on full record.
Another view of this jadeite maskette; image credit on full record.

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Stone; Pre-Columbian, Maya, Jadeite Maskette, Portrait Miniature, 3 inch.

A mosaic portrait maskette, Maya; circa A.D. 600 to 800. Jadeite.

Among the Maya portrait masks in sizes ranging from life-sized to miniature were constructed on wood matrices as mosaics comprised of jadeite and other valued and beautiful materials. Many of these, such as this splendid example, are vividly portrait-like. Life-sized masks found in several excavated burials confirm the portrait intent for those examples. Though small, the present mask projects vital energy, as well as being made up of particularly carefully shaped and fitted individual pieces. One cannot help noticing a tantalizing resemblance to the famous life-sized mask from Pakal's tomb at Palenque. ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9926969
Category:  ancient artifacts    Origin:  Mexico
Type:  stone    Year:  600 - 800

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