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A Jules Abel Faiver WWI poster, L'Emprunt de la Liberation; image courtesy of Swann Galleries.;

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Poster; War, WWI, French, L'Emprunt de la Liberation, Faivre (JA), 45 inch.

A WWI poster by Jules Abel Faivre, "L'Emprunt De La Liberation", circa 1918. Devambez, Paris. On bended knee, head bowed and broken sword in hand, the Kaiser is stooping, in shame and defeat beneath an impressive array of Allied flags. Faivre designed some of the most enduring French poster images during the "Great War," combining his message with graphism and powerful images, creating "what were no doubt the best posters in their field" (Weill p. 130). This triumphant, proud image is also one of the most colorful he created during the war. The poster was so popular it was released twice, first for the 4th National Loan and then for this, post-war, Liberation Loan. It also must have had nationwide distribution as copies exist printed by different printers. ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item B157811
Category:  works on paper    Origin:  France
Type:  posters    Year:  1914 - 1918

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