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A pair of Spanish silverplated monteiths; image credit on full record.

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Monteith; Silver Plate, Valmazan Sarrried Ltd, Oval, Crenellated Rim, Spanish, 14 inch.

A pair of Spanish silverplated verrieres (monteiths), marked "Valmazan Sarreid Ltd. Spain", each with crenellated rim, oval form with openwork carrying handles. Note: Often because there was not always enough glassware to proved a fresh glass with each course during a formal dinner, the monteith or verriere was used to rinse glasses between courses. It contained water, and the guests' glasses could be hung from the notched rim to be rinsed in the communal bath. Sometimes, the vessel was filled with cold water and the glasses were simply hung there to be chilled before the service....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9714695
Category:  silver & gold    Origin:  Spain
Type:  basins, baskets & bowls    Year:  1801 - 1900

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