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Pyrite crystal cubic mineral sample, Spain; image credit on full record.

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Mineral Sample; Pyrite Crystal, Cube, Spain, 4 inch.

Large cubic Pyrite crystal, Ambasaguas, Muro de Aguas, La Rioja, Spain. If, in the world of sophisticated collectors and curators, one asks "What are the finest pyrite specimens in the World?" The answer will surely include the Spanish examples. If one further asks; "What are the finest cubic ones?", then there can be but one answer. For perfection of form and brilliance of luster, no locality has consistently produced like Ambasaguas. This shining cube is typical in that it is a 'floater', meaning that it has no point of attachment to mar the simple symmetry of its form. It is quite atypical in being one of the largest from this locality. The upper face of the crystal displays a common feature for this material: a twin crystal. Twins are separate crystals that have a geometrically ordered relationship to each other. This allows them to grow while interpenetrating each other, sharing the same crystal lattice. Crystallographers commonly refer to them as 'penetration twins'. A shiny, brass-colored crystal cube....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9839569
Category:  natural history    Origin:  Spain
Type:  mineral samples    Year: 

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