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Isidor Kaufmann (American, 1853 to 1921, an oil on panel painting, The Kabbalist; image credit on full record.

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Kaufmann, Isidor; Oil on Panel Painting, The Kabbalist.

Isidor Kaufmann (American, 1853 to 1921, an oil on panel painting, The Kabbalist.

Note: The Kabbalist was one of Kaufmann's most popular subjects. He painted several versions of this particular young Rabbi, with his serious and penetrating gaze, which vary slightly from one to the other. One of the portraits, bearing the title Der Kabbalist, was reproduced in 1925 in the Isidor Kaufmann Portfolio, edited by Hermann Menkes and published in Vienna. This portfolio contained sixteen of Kaufmann's most famous and beloved subjects.

The Kabbalist comes from the celebrated collection of Oscar and Regina Gruss. Having narrowly escaped the Holocaust, the Gruss's dedicated themselves after the war to building the finest collection of works by Jewish artists, particularly a group of "stunningly virtuosic works by Kaufmann and the historically significantly suite of paintings of Jewish life by Oppenheim". ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item E8935147
Category:  paintings    Origin:  America
Type:  oil on panel    Year:  1873 - 1921

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