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A 19th century American Vienna-valved cornet or trumpet by E.G. Wright of Boston; image credit on full record.
image courtesy of Robert C. Eldred Co.;
image courtesy of Robert C. Eldred Co.;

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Horn; Cornet / Trumpet, Wright (EG), Brass, Walnut Case, circa 1855, Mouthpiece.

A 19th century American Vienna-valved cornet or trumpet by E.G. Wright of Boston. The original silver label marked "E.G. Wright, Maker, Boston" is attached to underside of bell. Probably made circa 1855. The instrument is in its original walnut case. It has three extra slides for changing the key. Also an extra mouthpiece that does not fit. The usable mouthpiece is marked "H.N. White Co."

Elbridge G. Wright worked in Roxbury, Massachusetts circa 1839-1841, in Boston from 1841-1871 and also worked in Lowell from 1858-1859. He is one of the earliest brass instruments makers in America, his earliest known instrument was built in 1839.

This instrument may be the only one of its type still extant and must be considered one of the rarest American brass instruments known.
Comment from p4a user Dr. Albert R. Rice: "I was very interested to see the photos of this E. G. Wright trumpet in C and to read your commentary, since musical instruments are an area of which I have worked in for many years. This particular trumpet, and it is not a cornet because it is more cylindrical than a cornet, is quite rare. I know of only two Vienna-valve trumpets by E.G. Wright, one in B-flat at a small historical Museum in Massachussets and one in E-flat at Kenneth G. Fiske Museum. I have dated the Fiske Museum instrument, which is silverplated, circa 1848. The instrument in Massachussets includes an address of "8 Broomfield St." in Boston which can be dated to 1841 to 1847 according to William Waterhouse's book, "The New Langwill Index: A Dictionary of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers" (London, 1993). In addition, the Fiske Museum owns two B-flat Vienna-Valve trumpets by Graves & Co. both of which I date circa 1845. It is generally considered that Vienna-valve instruments were not made by American makers after about 1850. See especially the dates given to Vienna-valve instruments by Robert Eliason in "Early American Brass Makers" (Nashville, 1979) and "Graves & Company Musical Instrument Makers (Dearborn, 1975). Aside from #110286 there are at least six other Vienna-valve trumpets by American makers that have been identified. #110286 does have its three additional slides and the fact that it is pitched in C to make it slightly rarer than the other Vienna-valve trumpets." ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item B110286
Category:  music    Origin:  Massachusetts
Type:  horns    Year:  1850 - 1860

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