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A Civil War Union Officer's Kepi of the 14th New York of Brooklyn; image credit on full record.

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Head Gear; Kepi, Civil War, Union Officer, 14th New York.

A rare Civil War Officer's Kepi, 14th N.Y., circa 1860s. A distinctive piece of headgear adopted in 1861, made of fine wool broadcloth with a red body above a wide blue band and countersunk blue crown bearing a finely embroidered infantry bugle and 14 within. On the crown is a padded red circle surrounded by ring of braid indicative of officer's cap as seen on page 148 of Arms and Equipment of the Union. The thick black two-piece leather visor with banded edge is square with a green underside. The interior shows a wide sweatband of thin leather and dark polished cotton lining.

This kepi was either made without buttons or they are missing, having a faux chin strap consisting of a narrow band of braid seen on an identified New York officer's kepi on page 178 of Arms and Equipment of the Union. No maker's label present.

The city of Brooklyn presented the hometown boys of the 14th New York with a trademark blue and red semi-chasseur uniform in April 1861 and the regiment wore it as a badge of honor throughout the war. The 14th NYSM entered service in May 1861 numbered as the 84th New York Infantry, but always referred to itself proudly as the 14th Brooklyn, once refusing en mass to wear Federal-issue blue when tendered as replacement uniforms. Still in worn chasseur dress the regiment mustered out in June 1864 and later reformed as the 14th Regiment NYNG. New blue dress uniforms consisting of traditional tailcoats were obtained in 1869 along with "black felt dress hats with red pompon." The 14th Brooklyn served primarily in the 1st Corps and won an exemplary reputation with the Army of the Potomac participating in all of its major battles including Gettysburg. ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9995362
Category:  militaria    Origin:  New York
Type:  head gear    Year:  1861 - 1865

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