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A lot of three pieces of TynieToy furniture and accessories, fireplace, a tall case clock, and a cradle with original pale green silk bedding; image credit on full record.

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Dollhouse Furniture; TynieToy, 3 Pieces, Fireplace, Cradle with Bedding & Tall Case Clock, 8 inch.

TynieToy [dollhouse furniture] fireplace, cradle and clock. An earlier TynieToy fireplace, a tall case clock, and a cradle with original pale green silk bedding. note: The first TynieToy workshop was officially begun about 1920 by Miss Marion Perkins, who designed and made the furniture, and Miss Amey Vernon, a society matron who had seen some of the furniture displayed and "started promoting the furniture through a series of drawing room sales." Before that, Miss Perkins had been making the period furniture miniatures, to 1" scale, in a "loft above the Handicraft Club on Market Square in Providence, Rhode Island." Some of the furniture was placed on display at the club below, where it was seen by a "representative of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York who acquired it for permanent display at the Met." Miss Vernon saw that display and became involved. The furniture, along with dollhouses and accessories, was produced into the 1940s.

The first trademark TynieToy used, in the 1920s, was a paper label; about 1925 they began using a rubber stamp, into the mid-1930s, after which they used an impressed mark. (Information obtained from and[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9695783
Category:  dolls    Origin:  Rhode Island
Type:  doll furniture & tableware    Year:  1920 - 1945

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