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An early twentieth century Seneca box camera on tripod; image credit on full record.

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Camera; Seneca, Competitor View, Cherry Case, Rochester Optical Lens & Tripod.

An antique box camera by Seneca Camera Mfg. Company. The cherry cased expanding bellows camera with manufacturing plate with camera model "Competitor View". Comes with wood tripod and a Rochester Optical Company lens. note: The Competitor View was Seneca's inexpensive line of folding field cameras. It was available either in mahogany or cherry, and in two sizes: 5" by 7" and 8" by 10". Some were made with brass fittings and some with nickel-plated parts....[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9906922
Category:  photographica    Origin:  America
Type:  cameras    Year:  1907 - 1925

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