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Bicentennial Liberty Bell on trailer mount, White Chapel Foundry, cast bronze, 1975; image credit on full record.

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Bell; Liberty Bell, White Chapel Foundry, Bicentennial Replica, Bronze, Mount.

Replica bronze Liberty Bell, White Chapel Foundry, London, 1975. On hanging frame and trailer.

In 1975, Chairman of the Liberty Bell Foundation, Edward J. Piszek commissioned this full-size replica of the Liberty Bell from the White Chapel Foundry. White Chapel had cast the original Liberty Bell in 1752 and did not break the mold. This Bicentennial Bell was cast from the original molds, an exact replica in every way except the crack. The Bell was an integral element in the celebration of Bicentennial festivities of July 4th 1976, Independence Hall. President Gerald Ford rang the bell 13 times in honor of the 13 colonies. Eleven years later as America celebrated the Bicentennial of the signing of the Constitution, the Bicentennial Bell was rung by Chief Justice Warren Burger. The Bell has toured the original thirteen states in honor of the ratification. The Bell has continued to be a symbolic centerpiece in major events over the years. It was rung by Lech Walesa on his visit to this country in 1989 and by Pope John Paul II to close the Catholic International Youth Conference in 1993, and by Bill Clinton at his inauguration, and at other ceremonies by many other luminaries. ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item D9825490
Category:  miscellaneous    Origin:  Pennsylvania
Type:  bells    Year:  1975

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