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A rare Model 1886 Winchester Cartridge Board with 119 cartridges and three lithographs of cowboys and hunters; image credit on full record.

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Advertising-Firearms; Winchester, Cartridge Board, Model 1886.

An extremely rare Model 1886 Winchester Cartridge Board. It contains 119 cartridges, bullets and primer boxes. All are original except the No. 1 Berdan primer box which is an original item but a replacement on this board. The lithograph scenes depict two cowboys and a steer in the upper left, two hunters shooting a moose in the upper right and a bear hunter with dogs shooting bear in the lower center. All the cartridges appear to be original except the one primer can as previously noted. ...[more information available via subscription]

p4A Item C209917
Category:  advertising    Origin:  Connecticut
Type:  sporting goods    Year:  1886 - 1890

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